My most popular sessions are sunset adventures in the park or golden hour at the beach.

These sessions are all about the adventure and you creating memories - I am just there to capture them! Let your kids be kids. Chase your little ones, tickle them, whisper in their ear, throw them in the air.

It’s the little smiles and the big belly laughs. The little intimate details; the in-between moments.

Don’t wait for a special occasion, or to lose weight, or to find the right dress. All that matters is making these memories with your kids.

 The only photographs you regret are the ones you don’t take.


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A 90-minute session in the comfort of your home or on location at one of Sydney's best sunset spots. All packages include high resolution digital downloads from an online gallery.


"Thank you for the photos Stacey, they are stunning! You did an amazing job, what a talent you have! We finally sat down with a glass of red to go through the gallery together. You’ve captured our boys’ personalities to a tee"

"We are absolutely blown away by how gorgeous these pictures are! You are so incredibly talented. You have captured everyone beautifully and have done so well to get so many amazing pics. Love the ones of the kids exploring and the last family ones- how’s that sky!! They are ALL amazing though. We are so, so grateful for these." memories which we will treasure forever. We can’t wait for our next shoot with you. This is definitely an annual thing.

"We’ve had pictures taken before but never - strangely - by a photographer who actually had children. It’s such a simple nuance and yet it made the world of a difference. Stacey understood the importance of easing our children into the experience. She started with soft, safe, cuddly family pictures before asking the children to shoot alone or expecting them to laugh or play. She let them lead the experience. I look at these pictures and I can see the differences. These aren’t just family photos, these are OUR family photos. Our unique personalities are captured. The raw, natural moments can be seen and felt. And that, my friends, is worth its weight in gold."

Not sure what to wear?

Take a look at my client wardrobe for a selection of easy-to-wear, great to photograph dresses available for you to borrow. 

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