Choosing your shoot location

With so many gorgeous locations around Sydney, how do we choose the right one for your shoot?

The perfect shoot location isn’t just a pretty spot. It needs to have the right light, textures and colours – all of which change throughout the year as the sun moves, flora changes, and locations become busy. My favourite locations (which will be shared with you when you book your shoot) are all carefully chosen to provide the best backdrop for your photos.

Beach or Park?

First, decide whether you’re a beach family or a park family. Think about where you’re happiest and lean into that. If you have a kid (or a partner) who hates the sand then it’s not going to get you the best gallery to choose a beach setting.

The park is my SRP Signature location. In late winter it’s flooded with yellow wattle; through the spring and summer the sun sets perfectly over the lake; and in autumn the light is absolute soft perfection through the long grasses here. It’s ideal for kids who love to explore. We hunt for pine cones, climb trees, run through the long grass, and spot ducks.

The beach is perfect for you if you and your kids love the ocean. Here, we build sandcastles, race across the sand, clamber on the rocks, and of course end the session splashing in the shallows. If you choose a beach shoot, be prepared to get wet – even in winter! Don’t be afraid to get in – bring your swimmers and body surf, jump the waves, and dunk the big kids. If that’s where you’re in your element, then let’s get wet!

Something different?

My favourite beach and park locations all maximise the light and texture in your gallery. But sometimes, you might fancy something totally different!

Perhaps you’re home-bodies who want to choose a morning shoot at home – go ahead and let me into your sanctuary, these shoots are so special.

Maybe you want to explore the city or spend the day at the fair – bring the fun and let’s go!

Fur Babies

If including your furry friend in your photos is important to you, then this is going to limit your location choices. My park locations are both dog friendly but there are very few dog friendly beaches which also work for a photoshoot.


The start time of your shoot will depend on the location you choose. My favourite park location allows me to shoot significantly earlier than my favourite beach. If you’ve booked a summer shoot and want to bring your start time forward, or you’re capturing your family in winter and would prefer to have a later start time, then this will factor into your decision.

Adventure vs Accessibility

Some locations involve more of an adventure than others. By and large, my favourite locations are not pram-friendly, but most are reasonably accessible for young walkers and grandparents.

If you are looking for something further off the beaten path, more secluded, and more adventurous – let’s chat!

Want more?

Check out my specific recommendations for your MATERNITY SHOOT and your NEWBORN SHOOT here!

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