For a family sunset shoot

how to prepare

Once you arrive, take a deep breath. Whatever you've forgotten is not important. We will create a gallery capturing exactly what life is like for you right now. There's nothing more beautiful than that. Want my top tips on how to get the kids to behave? Click here!

take a deep breath

Expect your children to get messy during the shoot. The best images happen when we let kids be kids, so I'll be encouraging them to explore and to splash around. We will try to get a nice clean family shot right off the bat, but after that just embrace it! You'll need energy too - I'll have you chasing your little ones, throwing them into the air, and singing at the top of your lungs. Making them laugh is your only job for an hour or so! Check out my favourite games to play

let kids be kids

Leave plenty of time to get to your shoot and aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early. Allow for traffic, parking, and getting the kids dressed (I suggest having the kids travel in their everyday clothes, and change once you arrive - less chance of accidents!)
Consider making exceptions to otherwise steadfast rules if it means a calmer journey and happier kids at shoot time (allowing screen time, for example).

don't rush

The most important thing is not what you're wearing, whether there are clouds in the sky, or how long your toddler napped that day. It's that you're relaxed and ready to have fun.  If you're worried about weather, check out my blog post- and this one too.

I can't wait to capture the beauty in your everyday chaos!