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Disclaimer: I have no idea how to get kids to behave in general. I have two littles of my own, and it’s anyone’s guess. BUT – I do have a fair bit of experience dealing with other peoples’ kids at photoshoots. And I’d say my success rate so far is 100%. So, how do you […]

How to get your kids to behave in 4 easy steps

Don’t tell anyone, but give me a winter sunset over a summer evening any day of the week.  Here’s 6 reasons why: 1. Kid-friendly start times.  Let’s start with the most compelling reason – the early starts. Everyone wants a summer shoot until they hear the 6.30pm start time (my top tips for dealing with […]

Why winter shoots are the bomb

I love a sunset.  I can’t get enough of those golden flares.  I understand that most of my clients are hoping for a little sunset action on the day of their shoot. But y’know what? Ask any photographer, and they will tell you why clouds are awesome on the day of your photoshoot. You absolutely […]

7 reasons why clouds are awesome for your photoshoot

I want to take you back to 2016. Back to the days when I was a newlywed. Pregnant with my first baby. Back then, I didn’t own a camera. Apart from our wedding(s), we had never had – or considered – a photoshoot. For anything. I didn’t have the easiest pregnancy. I was pretty sick […]

Why you *must* make a maternity shoot a priority

Woohoo! You’re having a baby! Huge congratulations, how are you feeling? I hope your pregnancy has been kind to you, and that you’re feeling amazing.  If not (I know I didn’t) then I hope your morning sickness/SPD/bloating/other side effects bugger off very soon. First things first, I am so glad you’re planning a maternity shoot. […]

What maternity session is right for you?