Celebrating World Pride with the Szeps Family

I’m often asked whether a mini session would suit your family.

So I thought I would show you the mini session I shot yesterday with the gorgeous Szeps family, and let you decide for yourself…

This happy, smiling bunch are long-standing clients of mine. And there are very few people I would rather spend an evening at the park with.

A mini is just 30 minutes long, and held in my favourite section of the park where the light filters through the trees all afternoon creating that hazy, golden glow.

A mini is PLENTY of time to get a whole gallery of fun, love and laughter.

The short timeframe is perfect for kids with short attention spans, families who want a quick and cost-effective update to their family photos, and anyone who’s trying to convince a reluctant partner to come along (I promise, after the first time you’ll never have that problem!)

In a mini session we go to just one (beautiful) location.

Fur babies are welcome.

Parking is easy.

And the light is always beautiful.

It’s short and sharp, and it’s over before you know it. We play fast, and we laugh hard. If you’re the kind of family that need or want more time to unfold and relax, then a mini isn’t right for you.

But is it enough time to get an album full of memories?

Oh yeah. It absolutely is.

PS – happy Pride!

  1. Nick Bhasin says:


    How much is a mini?

  2. […] plenty of time to get a gallery full of love, smiles and laughter (don’t believe me? Check out this mini shoot!). If that’s your primary aim, then a mini might suit you down to the […]

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