Why winter shoots are the bomb

Don’t tell anyone, but give me a winter sunset over a summer evening any day of the week. 

Here’s 6 reasons why:

  • 1. Kid-friendly start times.  Let’s start with the most compelling reason – the early starts. Everyone wants a summer shoot until they hear the 6.30pm start time (my top tips for dealing with that are here). In winter, we start as early as 3.30pm in some places. This is perfect for toddler and pre-schoolers – they can be home for dinner by 6, and in bed by 7. No stress, and minimal disruption to their routine!
  • 2. Cosy knits and chunky layers.  Perhaps it’s the Brit in me, but there is no better feeling than being wrapped up warm and feeling the cold on your cheeks.  Winter knits and warm layers are absolute dynamite in front of the lens.  Think bobble hats, boots, jeans, and cable knit sweaters.  Snuggle in close with the ones you love the most, and make magic.
  • 3. Winter sunsets are the B E S T.  At this time of year, the sun is softer and more flattering than in summer.  As the sun dips towards the horizon, everything lights up a glorious burnt orange.  And if you’re a lover of a pink sky, then winter is the season for it. Winter skies really are the best.

  • 4. Quieter locations.  Sure, we all love a beach session in summer.  But do you know who else loves a quick dip in the ocean and a game of volleyball after work? Half of Sydney.  Finding a secluded beach for a summer shoot is impossible.  But in winter? It’s all ours.
  • 5. It’s less windy.  If you love the windswept look, then Springtime is for you.  In winter, the air is stiller; calmer. So much more pleasant to be running around a field!

  • 6. You get your pick of dates!  No matter how much I rave about winter, it’s Spring and Summer that always fill up the fastest.  So if you’re game for a winter shoot, you’ll probably have more choice of dates so you can pick the one that works best for your family!

Worried about the weather? Check out my post on what happens if it rains on your shoot day

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