7 reasons why clouds are awesome for your photoshoot

I love a sunset.  I can’t get enough of those golden flares.  I understand that most of my clients are hoping for a little sunset action on the day of their shoot.

But y’know what? Ask any photographer, and they will tell you why clouds are awesome on the day of your photoshoot. You absolutely should not worry if your shoot day is overcast – in fact, you should celebrate.

Here’s 7 reasons why clouds are awesome:

1. Have you ever seen a truly amazing sunset without clouds in the sky? No. Of course you haven’t.  The absolute best sunsets are those where clouds are high in the sky, and the sun breaks through the horizon just before sunset.  The sun lights up the clouds, sending red and gold hues across the sky and those, my friends, are where the magic really happens.

2. Your shoot can start earlier.  Sometimes, HEAPS earlier.  In the summertime, sunset sessions can start as late as 7pm which I know can be stressful for young families (although, you shouldn’t worry – check out my tips here!).  If that’s been worrying you and the day of our shoot is cloudy, then do a little celebratory dance because we can shift your shoot time forward by an hour, maybe more.

3. Gimme, gimme, gimme all that even, diffused light.  Clouds give you the most flattering light for perfect skin tones and creamy colours.  You also won’t have anyone squinting into the glare, and it’s much cooler and less sweaty for kids in the summertime too.

4. Colours pop under cloud cover.  If your shoot is near the ocean, you’re in luck because the sea is going to be positively turquoise reflecting that sky.  In the park, clouds will draw out all the lush green of the grass and trees. 

5. Really overcast days are awesome because they deliver super moody skies.  I especially love these over the ocean, they add so much drama to your shoot and are often far more interesting in a shot than a clear blue sky.

6. Clouds are constantly shifting and moving – even with thick cloud cover we often get a glimmer of sunshine poking through somewhere during your session.  And a glimmer is all you really need to get that golden hour shot in the gallery.

7. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. If you postpone a shoot for a few clouds, there’s absolutely no guarantee your next date will be any different. (Wondering what happens if it rains? I’ve written all about that here) In these uncertain times, there’s also no guarantee you will be able to make your next date (with iso striking families left, right and centre). Remember WHY we are taking these photos: we are capturing your children; freezing a moment in time. They will never be this little again, and beautiful moments happen regardless of the weather.

So embrace whatever the day throws at you and make memories with the people who matter the most.

You’ll never regret it.

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