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Whether you want to celebrate every inch of your beautiful bump; or whether you’re feeling nervous about how to style your new shape, I am here to help! Pssst – styling a family? More tips over here! Classic Styling The flowing maxi dress – it’s a classic for a reason! Plenty of fabric to play […]

What to Wear: Maternity Edition

Clients often wonder if a full session or a mini session will suit their family best. It’s important to pick the one that works best for you – and that might change depending on the age of your kids, what you’re hoping for from your shoot, and your financials. My mini sessions are fantastic if: […]

Full session or Mini session?

This has got to be the single most common question I am asked by clients booking photoshoots: “What happens if it rains?”

FAQ: What happens if it rains on shoot day?

As Sydney enters its 11th week of lockdown, I’m so excited to be offering doorstep mini photoshoots. If a virtual shoot isn’t for you, then a doorstep mini allows me to shoot in-person at your home! They are perfect for newborns, maternity shoots, and families who want to remember this strange time of our lives […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about… Doorstep Minis

Virtual shoots, remote shoots, covid shoots, lockdown shoots…whatever you want to call them, I’m here to explain how they work, why they are awesome, and what to expect. It started as a little favour for a newborn client who was missing their shoot.  But the more lockdown photoshoots I do, the more I kinda love […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about… Lockdown Photoshoots