Surviving a late summer sunset with little kids

So you want a summer photoshoot. Of course you do! Glorious weather, warm water, and beautiful sunsets!

But then, you find out the start time…and you panic.

Let me tell you about this gorgeous family right here. Arlo had just turned 1, and Isla was 3. Their bedtime was 6.45pm.

These guys are our besties; I’ve known these kids since they were born and let me tell you: they have not always been the best sleepers! Their parents were very nervous about the late start. But they trust me (and so should you!)

As you can see, the kids (and the grown ups!) had a blast. We started at 6.30pm, and didn’t wrap up until nearly 8 o’clock. We stopped the session for the occasional bribe, to let the kids play and have a breather. The result? Their gallery is brimming – from beginning to end – with smiles and laughs and love. Not a grumpy kid in sight.

The day of your photoshoot is not like every other day.  This is the time to bend the rules, and switch up routines a little bit. They always cope fine.  Brilliantly, actually. 

I’ve got two little kids myself – at the time of writing this they are four-and-a-half and 20 months old. So I understand the worry that rises up inside when your photographer tells you the shoot starts after their usual bedtime.

But – and I cannot overstate this – it is SO important to wait for the right time of day for your photoshoot.  We just cannot fake that light. 

If you’ve waited all year for your shoot, painstakingly planned out all your outfits, and plan to display these photos on your walls forever and ever…trust me, it’s absolutely worth disrupting the routine for ONE night.

So my top tips for coping with your summer shoot are:

  1. If you have a toddler who needs to nap, then run them ragged in the morning and push their nap later than usual. 
  2. If your kid no longer naps, then do the opposite: have a nice, slow, calm day so they still have plenty of energy by sunset (I promise to help them burn off that energy for bedtime!). 
  3. The most important thing to do on the day of your shoot: make sure the kids eat dinner before! You can even make the whole thing an adventure and have a beach picnic before your shoot (just don’t get them dressed until all the food is packed away!)
  4. Bring a bottle of milk or something yummy for them to have in the car straight afterwards.
  5. Change them into their PJs before you leave, and play some calming music on the drive home. Skip the bath and books, and put them straight to bed.
  6. Read my top tips on how to get your kids to behave

Still not convinced?? If the thought of keeping them up that late sends your blood pressure through the roof, then don’t worry. Here are your alternatives:

  1. Pick the right location – Choose the right east-facing beach and you can start 20 minutes earlier than at a west-facing beach.  If you’re after those gorgeous long grasses, then my favourite park location can allow us to start one whole hour earlier – and it avoids the crowds which are unavoidable at beaches in the summer.  
  2. Wait!  Book a session after daylight savings ends, between April and September.  Embrace an autumn or winter session, with all its cosy goodness and big chunky layers, and start your session at 3.30pm instead.  Winter sunsets are the BOMB.
  3. Book an in-home shoot – these documentary-style sessions are absolutely beautiful and really capture your kids in their natural environment. These start at 10am so they’re ideal for little kids. Leave the sunset shoot for next year when they’re older
  4. Hope for clouds! Overcast days can be a HUGE blessing in summer! We will bring your shoot forward by an hour or so if there’s a lot of cloud cover. Cloudy days are fabulous for kids – cool, breezy, and the light is so flattering. I’ll write a future blog all about that for you!

Have I convinced you?!

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