What to Wear

Top tips to nailing your wardrobe on shoot day

Cold kids are not smiley kids. Make sure you layer up in case the night turns cold, or a cool wind comes in off the coast. If the kids aren't dressed appropriately, then we may have to cut your session short - which is such a shame because most of my favourite images happen at the end of your session! If we are at the beach, expect your kids to get wet. Bring spare clothes, a towel, and something warm to wrap them in.

dress for the season

Don't worry too much about shoes.  In both park and beach locations you'll need something sensible on your feet to walk to our shooting spots.  However, at the park they won't be seen in the vast majority of your photos; and at the beach they can be kicked off when we start snapping! 
Avoid logos and slogans on clothing.
Prints are great, but bold patterns tend to date.
If little girls are wearing dresses, add a nappy cover (I have a few!)

the details

If you are still struggling with what to wear, I have a small client wardrobe available for you to borrow from. A selection of easy-to-wear dresses from size 8-18, and some kids' pieces (size 000-5), which are easy to coordinate with the rest of your family. See below for details. 

client wardrobe

• Aim to compliment, but don't match.
• Choose your key colour, and use Pinterest to search for a palette that works with it.
• Pick up your key colour across the family wardrobe so you each stand out.
• If you are wearing a light top and dark pants, reverse that for your little one.
• If you're wearing a print, reflect the secondary colours in the kids' outfits.
• Break up the colour with coordinating neutrals.
• Stand out from your background - generally, I recommend a lighter colour on top. If you're in the park, don't wear a khaki shirt.

wardrobe palette tips

Still not sure what to wear?

Take a look at my client wardrobe for a selection of easy-to-wear, great to photograph dresses available for you to borrow. 

I also have a small kids wardrobe

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extended family styling tips
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