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So many creatives struggle with organisation and admin. But after 12 years in top tier professional services firms, I get a kick out of finding order in chaos, building systems, and making sure things run as efficiently as possible. 

By setting up your systems properly, you will:
  • save yourself HOURS on every single client journey. That's time you can invest in marketing, editing, learning...or spending with your family.
  • give your clients a smoother, more professional experience
  • find your clients arriving to their shoot relaxed, prepared and trusting 
  • significantly reduce the mental load of trying to stay on top of all your jobs, leads, and commitments.

Your StudioNinja set up is probably the easiest thing you can outsource right now. If this is something that's been on your to do list since forever, and your brain goes blank when you try to tackle it... It's time to outsource.  


I'm Stacey,  A mum of two, and full time photographer. Over the last 5 years, I have built a business that works.
 A business that fits around my life, and allows time for the things (and people) I love.  

Hate admin?

You're in the right place

This is for you if:

  • you have a simple workflow that fits nicely into one of our off-the-shelf models (Digital / IPS / Events)
  • you want an efficient and proven system which you can continue to build on, tweak, and make your own
  • you already understand the CRM and don't need anyone to guide you through your system

Choose Your Package



This is for you if:
  • you know what your processes are (or what you want them to be) and you want a really bespoke set up
  • you know you're not using StudioNinja to its fullest potential
  • you have loads of templates saved, and you need someone to bring some order to them
  • you want some 1:1 support in designing your system, with a personalised handover





Bespoke Package includes:
  • a 1 hour client experience design consultation with one of our StudioNinja experts
  • bespoke set up designed exclusively for your business, using any existing templates you have created
  • up to 3 workflows
  • 1 hour zoom handover to guide you through your system, plus PDF guide; and 
  • ask us anything for 7 days.
Basic Package includes:
  • a full StudioNinja set up
  • up to 2 workflows; and
  • PDF to guide you through your new system
This is for you if:
  • you need help with your business plan from someone who has been there and you don't have time for impersonal online courses
  • you have no idea where to start, what you want your client journey to look like, or what you want the end goal to look like
  • you're looking for someone who takes a genuine interest in you to help define and design your dream lifestyle business

Mentor Package includes:
  • 3 hours 1:1 business mentoring with Stacey Rolfe (usually $750). Define and design your dream business, identify your dream client, and design the perfect client experience - accompanied by a supporting workbook
  • bespoke set up designed exclusively for your business
  • up to 4 workflows 
  • 1 hour zoom handover to guide you through your system, plus PDF guide; and
  • ask us anything for 14 days.

Payment plans available.


- Branding your client portal and company fundamentals 
- Embedding website links and social media links 
- Creating a contact form to automate and track your leads
- One click invoicing, discounts, and payment schedules
- Full suite of client email templates (in a choice of two brand voices to best suit your business)
- Building and automating workflows
- Curating Lead and Job categories
- Creating questionnaire templates
- Discount on Cherrypicka contract templates bundle, and contract automation
- PDF guide to using your new system, how to adapt email templates, questionnaires and workflows – so you are empowered to do it yourself!
- Assistance to integrate your Gmail and G-calendar, PayPal, Xero and Shootproof/PicTime
- 50% off your StudioNinja subscription (new subscriptions only - code TOGHUB)

What Does it Include?

every tidy tog set up includes:

Let's Get You Organised!

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