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If this is something that's been on your to do list since forever, and your brain goes blank when you try to tackle it... It's time to outsource.  Getting this right will save you hours every week. HOURS


The Tidy Tog

Do you know how many clicks it takes me to reply to an enquiry?  6

That includes creating a quote, setting up a payment plan, attaching a contract, creating a questionnaire and emailing all that to my client.

Oh, and did I mention, there's zero typing involved. And I can do it from my phone while pushing my kid on the swing.

This is because I've invested time and energy into setting up my StudioNinja. I have a template for everything. If something can be automated, I've automated it.

I'm an organised person. I don't like inefficiency.


- Branding your client portal and company fundamentals 
- Embed website links and social media links 
- Create a contact form to automate and track your leads
- One click invoicing, discounts, and payment schedules
- Full suite of client email templates (which are fully and easily editable to reflect your brand voice)
- Build up to 3 workflows, automated and linked to job types 
- Create questionnaire template
- Automate your contract (does not include contract review)
- 20% off your StudioNinja subscription (new subscriptions only - code AKYB265U6FEQ0R)
- PDF 'cheat sheet' to guide you through using your new system
PLUS a 1 hour Zoom handover to:
- Connect your Gmail and G-calendar, PayPal, Xero and Shootproof/Pic time
- Explain how to use the workflows – a live walk through
- Explain how to create and adapt email templates, questionnaires and workflows – so you are empowered to do it yourself!
- Ask me anything for 7 days after the Zoom call

What Does it Include?