Before becoming a photographer, I spent 12 years as a lawyer in top tier international law firms in London and Sydney.  

I don't miss it.

But I learnt a lot.  And I still use many of the admin and business skills I spent so many years perfecting, every day as a photographer. 

I get a kick out of finding order in the chaos.  I prioritise client experience over everything else.  I have systems and automations in place for all the ''boring bits'' which save me hours every week. I love finding solutions, balancing risk, and working out the right answer for a specific client.  I firmly believe there is no cookie cutter one-size-fits-all answer for running your own business.  It's all a balance, and I love helping people to find it.

Here, in the Tog Hub, you'll find everything you need to run a successful, streamlined, and JOYFUL photography business.

Whether you are just starting out and needing a roadmap to get legit, or you've been in business a while and feel overwhelmed by the admin side.

I've got you.

Let's figure this out together.

Welcome to the Hub

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